Scissor Skills Lesson Ideas

  • Teach scissor safety. 
  • Practice cutting motion by using tongs.
  • Teach “thumbs up” position when cutting.
  • Provide easy to cut paper.
  • Provide good quality scissors.
  • Teach students to turn the paper, not the scissors.
  • Outline the picture with a dark marker so it is easier to see the boundary.
  • Open Shut Them
Open, shut them, open shut them.
(use index and middle finger to make scissors motion)
Give a little snip, snip, snip.
(three quick snips with fingers)
Open, shut them, open shut them.
(repeat scissors motion)
Make another clip.
(make another scissor motion)
  • Sandpaper Snip: For beginning cutters have the child cut up pieces of light grade sand paper. Easier for a young child to cut then paper. Children can color the sandpaper with crayons before cutting.
  • Scissor Snip: Set out scissors and strips of paper in order for children to explore cutting.
  • Cotton Material Cutting: The day before you use this activity. Take cotton material any color or pattern. Paint glue all over it, let it dry then use it the next day for children to cut out the patterns or make their own cuttings. The glue makes the material stiff thus easier for children to cut on it.
  • Bake Shop: Playdough, scissors, cookie cutters, and other play cooking tools can be placed on a table. If desired, make paper baker hats and a sign.
  • Tailor/Dressmaking Shop: Materials that are easy to cut should be provided. Likewise, a variety of scissors should be placed next to the material. Older children may want to make items for the dolls.
  • Place scissors with the playdough tools as playdough is a great material for cutting practice. Give children scissors and a ball of playdough. Have children roll, flatten etc. their playdough. When ready let child cut with scissors their playdough creation. The playdough is stiff enough to help with the control of the scissors and I have found the children enjoy using these materials. Contributed By: Kathy B.
  • Weighing Scissors: On the science table, place a variety of scissors and a scale. Encourage the children to note the differences in weight.
  • Scissor Safety: Discuss safety while using scissors. With the children make a list of "How we use our scissors safely." Display the list in the room.

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