Listening Lesson Ideas

  • Play I Spy.
  • Play Simon Says.

  • Listening to sounds on CD – there are commercial materials available, or you can make your own. Ask the pupils to listen to a sound and do a specific activity.
  • Sound bingo – listening to sounds on CD and covering the correct picture.
  • Sound walk – listening for different sounds they head on a walk, then using these to paint a picture or compose a group poem.
  • Simon says – listen carefully for specific instructions and then do the actions.
  • Share reading – using big books to help focus attention on the visual cues.
  • Circle-time activities – when one child is speaking they could hold a listening shell, which means that everyone else (including the adults) must listen to what they say.
  • Story CDs – listening-centre activities can include listening to story CDs interspersed with activities related to the text.
  • Who am I? – miming activities can be related to a classroom topic (story characters, occupations, people in the school).
  • Parachute activities – pupils need to listen carefully to the instructions in order ot be part of a team activity.
  • Messages – ask the pupils to recall simple messages.
  • Chinese whispers – pass an action message round the circle. The last pupil to receive the message has to perform the action.
  • Listen and colour – colour a picture by listening to the instructions.
  • Listen and draw – draw a picture by listening to the isntructions (there are some published materials for this).
  • Twenty questions – allow the pupils twenty questions to discover the identity of a hidden object related to a class project. Pupils need to listen carefully to make deductions.
  • Hot-seating – one pupil chooses to be a particular story character and sits in the 'hot seat'. The other pupils ask questions to discover the identity of the character. This works well for all ages, from Little Red Riding Hood to Romeo.

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