Nonverbal Communication Lesson Ideas

  • Play Red Light/Green Light using head shakes and nods instead of saying Red Light or Green Light.
  • Work with the bus driver of the student. Have them encourage the student to wave hi or bye. Encourage the student to wave hi or bye to teachers waiting for or sending off the bus.
  • Have students sing a song. Have them respond properly when you use the Shhh gesture.
  • Encourage and reinforce students for putting their hand up when they want attention.
  • At snack time offer food and drinks. Ask students to nod or shake their head to indicate if they would like some.
  • Listen to audio clips of people talking – ask students to guess the feelings of the person from the tone of their voice. Try using clips of people speaking different languages so that judgments must be made purely from tone of voice.
  • Have students look at pictures of facial expressions and guess how that person might be feeling.