Outside Maintenance Resources

I'm Getting Ready. I CAN DO IT!
I'm Getting Ready is designed as an interactive workbook. Its
activities are created to motivate learning. The "lessons"
encourage involvement of friends, groups, family, community,
and/or the individual. It can be used by the learner or with help
of teachers, mentors, friends, parents, grandparents, foster
parents, social workers etc.. It covers topics like apartment
searches, legal issues, safety, nutrition, consuming, home
management, money management and goal setting.

Ready, Set, Fly! A Parent's Guide to Teaching Life Skills 
This resource was developed by foster parents for other parents
to use when teaching life skills. The Activity Book is designed
to be used in conjunction with the Life Skills Guidebook. It
contains a series of activities and suggestions that may be used
in one-to-one instruction. For parents use with youth ages 8 and

Cleaning my Place: A Mini-Micropedia has 48 pages of
comprehensive information for cleaning a living area.