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  • Uses mirror.
  • Brushes/combs hair.
  • Applies sunscreen.
  • Cleans fingernails.
  • Applies skin lotion.
  • Dries hair (e.g. towel dry, blow dry).
  • Identifies need for haircut.
  • Applies makeup.
  • Applies aftershave and perfume.
  • Has awareness of good hair care (e.g. dandruff, use of products).
  • Styles hair (curling iron, flat iron).
  • Clip finger and toe nails.
  • Shaves (legs, underarms, face).
  • Plucks eyebrows.
  • Grooms moustache and beard.
  • Spot checks appearance.
  • Uses grooming tools appropriately (shaving legs or face, applying makeup)
  • Seeks assistance  when required.


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