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Personal Hygiene/Grooming Lesson Ideas

General Ideas

  • Talk about the difference between clean and dirty. Look at pictures – sort them into clean and dirty categories.

  • Show pictures of people using socially appropriate and inappropriate hygiene. Have students share their thoughts about these pictures. How would you feel if this person sat beside you on the bus? How would you feel if this person walked into your school? Would you hire this person for a job?

  • Talk about hygiene routines.

    • What needs to happen everyday?

    • What tasks do you do in the morning?

    • What tasks do you do in the evening?

    • What tasks do you do throughout the day?

    • What needs to happen about once a week?

    • What only happens occasionally?

  • Show students a sample hygiene routine – what adjustments need to be made?

  • As a group, develop a hygiene rating form. Rate pictures of people based on this form to determine who has the best hygiene.

  • Schedule hygiene routines into student's daily timetables.

  • Host a fancy party - give students a reason to clean up.
  • Sequence pictures of the steps involved in this task.
  • Sort and choose pictures of the items required to perform this task.
  • Read or write a social story about this task.
  • Read the steps involved in completing this task - glue a matching picture beside.
  • Post sequences for performing these tasks.
  • Have students make their own self care kits.

For ideas specific to one area, follow the links below.

                                                          Showering/Bathing                                   Dental Hygiene

                                  Hand Care                                                  Foot Care                                                        Deodorant

                      Shaving                                            Skin Care                                        Hair Care                               Menstruation