• Cooperate in drying hands.
  • Cooperate in washing hands.
  • Dry hands, may need some assistance.
  • Wash hands, may need some assistance to use soap efficiently.
  • Dry hands without assistance.
  • Wash hands without assistance.
  • Wash face with assistance.
  • Turn faucet on and off.
  • Know which faucet is hot and cold.
  • Adjust water temperature with assistance.
  • Dry face without assistance.
  • Wash face without assistance. 
  • Bathe self with assistance.
  • Dry self without assistance after bathing.
  • Bathe self without assistance.

Bathroom safety awareness:

  • Identifies hot and cold taps.
  • Adjusts taps to appropriate temperature.
  • Operates a sink.
  • Operates bath.
  • Operates shower.
  • Shows awareness of slippery surface (floor, tub).
  • Is safe around electronics and water.
  • Safely uses razor.
  • Properly uses locking mechanisms on doors.
  • Seeks assistance  when required.


Bathing Lesson Ideas           Personal Hygiene/Grooming Assessment and Evaluation