Hair Care Lesson Ideas and Resources

          •  To show the importance of using shampoo - spray 2 dolls heads/hair with cooking 
            spray. wash one with water and the other with shampoo and water. Compare.
          • Sequence pictures of the steps involved in washing or styling your hair.
          • Write social stories about washing or styling your hair.
          • Sort and choose pictures of the items required to wash and/or style hair.
          • Read the steps involved in washing and/or styling hair - glue a matching picture beside.
          • Post sequences for performing these tasks and let students practice.
          • Set up a hairdressing shop and let students experiment with different styles.

Lots of information about common hair concerns.

Insert specific student names into this social story.

Help! My son hates to get his hair cut.

A very simple social story about getting your hair cut.

Newsletter with some great suggestions about students who are sensitive to getting their hair cut.

Free hair care tips on how to achieve healthy natural hair.


Create a virtual makeover. Be your own hairstylist and makeup artist. Upload you photo and try true-to-life makeup - eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick... Try new hairstyles to complement your face shape - easily change hair color.