Menstruation Lesson Ideas and Resources

          • Sequence pictures of the steps involved in changing a pad or tampon.
          • Sort and choose pictures of the items required to take care of feminine hygiene concerns.
          • Read or write a social story about having your period. Think about writing about cramps, blood, changing pads, choosing between tampons and pads, dealing with odor, keeping this private, etc.
          • Read the steps involved in changing a pad - glue a matching picture beside.
          • post sequences for performing these tasks in the washroom that the student will use.
          • Demonstrate blood with red food colouring on a pad. Practice folding, wrapping and throwing away.
          • Have students practice wearing pads to get used to the feeling before their period starts.

Menstruation social stories.

A social story about menstruation. Another is available here: Social Story 2.

What To Expect with Menstruation

Girls and Puberty

A guide for parents and educators.

An instructional guide for PARENTS / CAREGIVERS 
of individuals with developmental disabilities

Kindergarten through 12th grade resources.