Skin Care Lesson Ideas and Resources

          •  Mix a spoonful of cooking oil(to represent the oil in our skin) and flour (to represent
            dead skin cells). Smooth onto plastic canvas (the holes represent the pores in our skin). Wash one side with cool water and the other side with warm soapy water and gentle rubbing. Compare.
          • Sequence pictures of the steps involved in taking care of skin.
          • Write social stories about taking care of your skin.
          • Sort and choose pictures of the items required to face your face or put on makeup.
          • Read the steps involved in washing your face or putting on makeup - glue a matching picture beside.
          • Post sequences for washing your face.Provide students with facecloths and cleansers and encourage them to practice.
          • Have students give each other mini makeovers at the end of the unit.

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