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Personal Hygiene/Grooming Assessment and Evaluation

iRubric: Hand Washing rubric

Personal Hygiene Rubric

Activity schedules can double as task analyses. They save time because you have two resources (a visual for the student and an assessment tool for the teacher) for the time it takes to make one.

My Morning Routine At Home Part Two is an autism daily activity schedule or checklist we use to help a child learn essential everyday hygiene skills independently.

Here is a data collection sheet about Hand Washing.

E-Center has a number of task analyses including these on:
  •  Accepts/Learns from Constructive Criticism
  •  Appropriate Grooming and Dressing (for employment)
  •  Blowing Nose 
  •  Bowel Movement (Male/Female) 
  •  Brushing Teeth
  •  Clean Face with Skin Cleanse
  •  Combing Hair
  •  Menstrual Routine
  •  Washing Face 
  •  Washing Hair

This link will lead you to a bank of IEP goals with many hygiene/grooming objectives.

IEP Statements for Daily Living Skills: Hygiene and Toileting