Employability Assessment and Evaluation

  iRubric provides this Job Skills Rubric.

Here is a rubric for evaluating a mock interview.

Here is another job interview rubric.

E-Center has a variety of task analyses including these employability one:
            •  Accepts/Learns from Constructive Criticism
            •  Appropriate Grooming and Dressing (for employment)
            •  Introducing Self
            • Responds to Personal Questions
            •  Sharing Time (Conversation Time


____________ will research, analyze and explore career options with ____ out of ___ opportunities as measured by _______________ (evaluation tool).

Demonstrate appropriate communication/social skills at the work site with _______ out of ___ opportunities as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).

___________ will identify and use employment resources available to assist in finding a job as measured by __________ (evaluation tool).

____________ will complete job applications and interview for jobs _________ out of _______ opportunities as
measured by ___________ (evaluation tool).