Responsibility and Self Discipline

  • Is aware that it is appropriate to dress properly and sometimes differently for different events.
  • Can be trusted with valuables, including money.
  • Arrives at the right place at the right time.
  • Can prioritize commitments.
  • Follows safety precautions.
  • Sees what needs to be done and follows through.
  • Sees tasks through to completion.
  • Has a good attendance record.
  • Does not distract others from their work.
  • Accepts responsibility for own professional development.
  • Meets his/her obligations.
  • Practices good health habits to have good attendance and to do a better job.
  • Can work without the help of others.
  • Checks over work to make sure it is done properly.
  • Gathers appropriate materials for a given task.
  • Keeps a clean work area.
  • Does not get distracted from completing a task.
  • Gets right back to work after a distraction.
  • Is willing to perform a difficult or unpleasant task.
  • is flexible and adaptable.
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