Stages of Program Development

Teaching does not happen in a straight line. We don't teach off the top of our heads, assess, and then call that lesson finished. The process is best represented as an ongoing cycle as shown in the diagram below.

Stages in Program Development

We use assessment to gather baseline data and help guide our teaching, throughout the teaching to check that everyone (including the teacher) is on the right page, and then at the end of the process to evaluate progress and set new baseline data and next steps.

The A4 document and website fit into this cycle at each stage. 
  • You can use it as a means of setting a baseline by conferencing about the inventories with other involved teachers, parents, professionals and the students themselves.
  • The A4 document and especially the Planning and Assessment pages can make writing and updating IEPs much easier and more straightforward.
  • Turn to the website for lesson ideas and resources to help develop the program and strategies.
  • The A4 document is a great place to track progress and set next steps.
An Assessment and Evaluation page has been linked to each section in this website. Included in these pages are tools and ideas for assessment and evaluation that can be used throughout the stages of developing programs to maximize the success of all students.

Don't forget to share your ideas and tools too!