• Recognizes own name and personal data.
  • Recognizes letters.
  • Assigns meaning to what he/she has "written".
  • Understands that print runs left to right and top to bottom.
  • Can identify rhymes and generate simple rhymes.
  • Can tell the difference between similar sounding words, e.g. car and bar
  • knows the difference between upper and lower case letters.
  • Has a repertoire of sight words.
  • Makes some letter/sound associations.
  • Demonstrates phonemic awareness by manipulating sounds in spoken words.
  • Uses word attack skills.
  • Continues to build personal vocabulary.
  • Comprehends text read to them.
  • Makes simple inferences.
  • Tells time on analog and digital clocks.
  • Uses tools and appliances according to written directions.
  • Can read and follow written directions.
  • Finds and uses information on simple maps, charts, diagrams, menus and bulletin boards.
  • Carries out written directions included with games, toys and items that are to be assembled.
  • Identifies requested information on simple forms and provides the required information.
  • Locates and utilizes information found on pay stubs, bills, receipts, etc.
  • Locates and utilizes information in help wanted ads, brochures, pamphlets and websites.
  • Appropriately seeks assistance when unable to decode written language.

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