More Relationship Management Skills

Formal (with staff and authority figures)
  • Appropriate touch depending on relationship
  • Shares appropriate information
  • Discloses appropriate information
  • Uses acceptable tone of voice
  • Uses acceptable volume of voice
  • Respectful
  • Questions authority in acceptable manner
  • Accepts direction from staff
  • Accepts instructions from staff
  • Accepts assistance from staff
  • Will ask for help from staff
Informal (with family and peers)
  • Appropriate touch depending on relationship
  • Shares appropriate information with friends
  • Discloses appropriate information to friends
  • Is able to share a friend (i.e. “3 is a crowd)
  • Isn’t the “rule police” or bossy
  • Is able to resolve conflicts
  • Does not share personal information about their friends with others
  • Offers help to friends
  • Asks for help from friends
  • Is able to resist being persuaded by a friend
  • Knows what to do when he/she is left out
  • Does not leave others out
  • Understands what to do if there is a problem and the use of  technology (i.e. someone says something mean on MSN and Facebook)
  • Knows how to
    • Start a relationship
    • Maintain a relationship
    • End a relationship
  • Knows what to do when someone is teasing him/her
  • Tattles on people
  • Teases people
  • Is able to share with friends/family
  • Understands when to be assertive
  • Understands the difference between assertive and aggressive
  • Understands bully/victim relationship
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