Relationship Management Resources

A tip sheet on joining in play. 

Tips for developing good listening skills.

Friendship Unit 

Tattling Visuals

Ignoring Visual Cue and Power Tools

Ignorning PPT for kids

Bullying – What is it? Why kids bully others? How to handle a bully..

Terrific Tickets

“Brain Eater” – An interactive powerpoint presentation to explain this SuperFlex (Madrigal & Winner 2008) “Unthinkable” character that teaches about being DISTRACTED

“Brain Eater” cue cards about ways to “defeat” him & ignore distractions

Brain Eater worksheet about home and school distractors

“Brain Eater” Thinking Bubbles

Parent Letter explaining SuperFlex’s (Madrigal & Winner, 2008) “Energy Harey” and “Brain Eater”

Peer Mediation – An outline and a script for the peer mediators

Rock and Flexible Thinkers – PowerPoint slides for students

Role Play Flexible Rock Thinkers

“What we can learn from Losing a Game” student book

Sportsmanship Checklist – student self-assessment about sportsmanship after playing games with peers

Transition Rules (for young kids) – has a photo of a transition puppet I use named “Zipe” – you could cover this if need be

Hidden expectations of 5 ways of working in the classroom

5 Levels of Working in the Classroom Self-Evaluations

Social Secret: Tossing Pictures/gifts people give you

Social Secret: Using Table Manners

Social Secret: Table Manners II

Script: Explaining how to play a board game or card game

Friend or Dneirf (from Social Star curriculum)

Different Types of Friends

Social Story about Tossing out pictures people give you

Study Skill Activities - This is really just fun site where friends can watch a little dog perform tricks based on your own commands! Friends can take turns typing in basic doggie commands and watch the little pooch perform! Be sure to try typing in “dance”, “sneeze” and “kiss” to see what he does! :)

Desk Cleaning and Sort visuals

How to Make a Friend File (visual to support M.G. Winner’s concept)

Friend File Worksheet

Paraprofessional role during lunch and recess

Parts of Play

Puppy-Frog-Snail Pictures

Recess Behaviors

Recess Self-Reflection half sheets

Are You Really My Friend?

Boys and Girls

I am Special

Friends at School

Substitute Teachers

Boyfriends and Girlfriends