Restaurant Skills

  • Uses a menu to make food choices (reading/ordering, budgeting, choosing healthy alternatives, understanding terminology)
  • Navigates different restaurant styles and situations (family style, to go, buffet, formal, tipping, doggie bags)
  • Communicates needs and wants with his/her server (ordering, sending food back, making special requests)

Students will demonstrate an understanding of:
  • ordering
  • menus
  • tipping
  • take out
  • manners
  • fast food vs sit down
  • buffet
  • healthy choices
  • portion control
  • deals/sales
  • vocabulary - appetizers, main course, beverages
  • who is at a restaurant
  • where is ... 
  • how to pay
  • what if I’m not happy
  • special things - finger bowls, reservations
  • napkins- paper vs cloth
  • cutlery
  • what do I get to take home - leftovers, free stuff
  • receipts