Restaurant Skills Assessment and Evaluation


Here is a basic rubric that you could use to evaluate restaurant knowledge and skills.

Here is a task analysis that could be adapted for whatever kind of shopping was appropriate.
E-Center has a number of task analyses including these on:
            • Ordering From a Menu
            •  Requests Drink Using Pic Symbols or Picture Symbols
            • Requests Drink Using Sign or Verbal
            • Requests More

Here are some sample SMART Goals:
          • __________ will use vending machines with/without assistance _______ out of _____ opportunities as measured by _______ (evaluation tool).
          • _________ will state and/or demonstrate restaurant skills to _____ level (increased proficiency, independent, adult/peer assisted, etc.) as measured by _______ (observational data, anecdotal records, pre/post comparison, etc.).
          • ________ will negotiate a restaurant and successfully purchase items with/without assistance at _______ criteria as measured by _______ (evaluation tool).
          • ________ will select and order  items with/without assistance at _____ criteria as measured by _______ (evaluation tool).