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Same/Different Lesson Ideas

Teach with concrete items first.
When you move on the pictures/printed symbols, teach forms, then letters, then words.

  • Trace around objects onto cardboard. Have students try to match objects up with their outline.
  • Give students 3 of the same objects (3 yellow crayons) and 1 different object (stapler). Ask them to pick out the object that does not belong.
  • Have 2 students take off their shoes. Arrange 1 pair of shoes and 1 shoe from the second pair in a row. Ask students to choose the shoe that does not match.
  • Present obejcts that are the same but different sizes. Ask students to match up the large objects or the small objects.
  • Play "Go Fish".
  • Play Concentration.
  • Have students sort shapes into pockets with the shape marked on the outside.
  • Grocery Pairs: Place the empty food containers in grocery sacks. Ask the children to help put up the groceries in the dramatic play center. But explain that they first have to find the matching items in the bags.