Self Awareness

Students will demonstrate an understanding of :
  • their own strengths and challenges
  • how their challenges impact their learning and performance
  • their individual learning style
  • their rights and responsibilities
  • their right to privacy, making decisions and giving consent about their life
  • situations where they might need help/assistance
  • their changing role in their family as they grow older
  • future goals and wishes
  • resources and support needed to meet immediate and long term goals
  • different resources and support necessary in different situations

  • Can talk to others about their strengths and challenges
  • Can identify educational or employment goals
  • Can explain learning disability and how it impacts learning/job performance
  • Can explain learning style/modality most effective for learning/working
            Self Awareness Lesson Ideas                       Self Concept (General)                        Self Concept (Job Related)

                                                                            Self Awareness Assessment and Evaluation