Self Advocacy Resources

This article gives some activity ideas to nurture your child's self-confidence and build self-esteem. 

An advocacy group for adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

It's about people with intellectual disabilities showing the world what they can do! 

This is a series of workshops and tipsheets designed to help plan for life after school. It is important to go through all of the workshops in order as each one prepares us for the next one.

Self Advocacy/Self Determination

 Self-Advocacy Online in an educational and networking website for those involved in making change for people with disabilities. Through our online Learning Center, you can build your skills in many areas of self-advocacy. And the national self-advocacy map will connect you with other across the country working on similar issues.

 A blog about teaching self advocacy in a special education classroom.

This section begins the process of accepting this responsibility with the goal of students understanding their learning strengths, disability, and related accommodations.

An online community for youth and adults with learning disabilities including Attention Deficit Disorder.

This article will examine some necessary preconditions for developing skills in self-advocacy and disclosure for people on the autism spectrum, teaching skills in self-advocacy using a developmental stage level approach, and finally, preparing children with autism to appropriately advocate and disclose for themselves in a way they others can understand and assist when the request is made.

This article is geared towards adults in higher education and/or the workforce. Some of this information will be helpful to young adults as well.