Self Awareness Resources

Resources for making student portfolios.

Portfolios can be used as an authentic assessment tool in the classroom, or as a method to showcase your professional accomplishments. This collection of articles and resources will help your students build portfolios to demonstrate what they've learned so that you can monitor their progress with fewer tests. There are also resources for collecting your professional accomplishments to provide potential employers with an example of your work.

This simple printable (pdf) page provides an easy tool for discovering which of eight intelligences students favor. Students can do the activity on their own by simply folding the inventory sheet in half and making a checkmark next to each of the 24 statements that describe them. Then, they unfold the paper and tally the results. Be sure students share the results with you!

Multiple Intelligences Inventory
If you're looking for a more in-depth MI inventory, this one provides ten statements that relate to each of nine intelligences. Students identify the statements that describe them as learners. They then tally and graph the results on their own. If you're looking for additional statements related to each of the intelligences, you might use the Web page 
What Are My Learning Strengths?

You might also share with students some of what the inventory means. The Multiple Intelligences Kids' Page offers some kid-friendly explanations.

With older students, you might want to turn this activity into a research project in which they research "multiple intelligences" and learn more about the intelligence(s) they favor.

You also can learn more about a teacher who has used learning inventories in the classroom in the Education World article 
Your Students: No Two Are Alike

Those are just a few of the many resources you'll find online that can help you (and your students) learn more about the learning styles your they favor. Following are some additional resources:

Help students understand different disabilities.