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Self Concept (General)

  • Is relatively sure of himself/herself. 
  • Makes good decisions.
  • Has self guidance and control.
  • Accepts or is happy with his/her physical appearance.
  • Deals with matters patiently and wisely.
  • Is accepting and happy with himself/herself.
  • Tries to understand himself/herself.
  • Does not scold himself/herself.
  • Feels good about the things that he/she does and can do.
  • Is not easily influenced by others.
  • Can accept criticism.
  • Can usually solve his/her problems.
  • Can be depended on.
  • Is comfortable in the company of others.
  • Appears to feel healthy.
  • Has positive feelings about and has made good plans for the future.
  • Can do most of the things that he/she tried to do.
  • Likes to see other do well.
  • Is content with his/her social standing.
  • Enjoys being his/her age.
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