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Self Concept (Job Related)

  • Has a cooperative attitude.
  • Trusts and gets along with other people.
  • Is willing to help others.
  • Accepts responsibilities for his/her actions.
  • Listens to what others say and appears to understand what they say.
  • Has a good nature even if things are not going as he/she would like.
  • Shows self respect through reactions and behaviours.
  • Gets along well with those who are in instructional and directional roles.
  • Respects others and their personal property.
  • Is concerned about being appropriately dressed.
  • Is fair in competitive situations.
  • Desires to improve any weakness in his/her work skills.
  • Expresses opinions and ideas in an acceptable and constructive manner.
  • Respects the value and need for rules.
  • Acknowledges and accepts praise from others appropriately.
  • Refrains from trouble making activities such as teasing and gossiping. 
  • Accepts and adjusts to change.
  • Controls his/her temper while under pressure situations.
  • Shows initiative and ambition while attempting to master a new skill. 
  • Is willing to share knowledge and materials in a group situation.
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