Shopping Resources

Going to the store with my mom.

Make a sheet of shopping cards. Create a page of 16 shopping cards, each containing an item of food and a price tag. All the prices are randomly generated and won't exceed 99 cents or pence. Cut up this worksheet and use the cards in shopping role-plays, or use the sheet to play a unique version of bingo!

A shopping worksheet.

Grocery stores sell food and other items like cards and flowers. Most people go the the grocery store at least once a week. Grocery stores are usually in large one-story buildings. There are many parking spaces for cars in front of the buildings. Most grocery stores are open seven days a week. (3 pages)

Worksheet 1     Worksheet 2       Worksheet 3       Worksheet 4       Teacher's Notes

Worksheet 1     Worksheet 2      Worksheet 3     Worksheet 4      Worksheet 5      Teacher's Notes