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Standing Lesson Ideas

  • Make a game out of it by counting how many seconds you can stand on one foot then counting how many seconds your child can stand on one foot. Switch feet. Repeat a few times if the child still wants to continue.
  • Include standing on one foot as a direction in games such as: Follow The Leader, Mother May I, and Simon Says.
  • Do log rolls.
  • Do somersaults.
  • Sit on a mat and hug knees. Rock forward and backwards.
  • Put a beanbag on the floor in front of students. Have them bend at the knees to pick it up. Have them bend at the waist to pick it up.
  • Play Simon Says. Play it again but have students stand on one leg the whole time.
  • Have standing student lift one leg and point ther toes. Can they do this with their eyes closed?
  • Stand like a stork or flamingo.
  • Play the statue game.
  • On a line on the floor challenge students to:
  • Stand with their feet together
  • Stand heel to toe
  • Stand on one foot
  • Stand on the other foot
  • Stand on one foot with their eyes closed
  • Pick up a beanbag off the floor without moving off the line
  • Throw a beanbag from one hand to the other
  • Perform the above task with a be
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