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Strategies Lesson Ideas

  • talk to teachers, parents, and other educational staff about your strengths and challenges
  • develop a personal fact sheet including details about strengths, challenges, learning style,
  • interests, etc.
  • sit in on an IEP meeting
  • practice clearly identifying exactly what you need (as the teacher pretend to be completely unaware as a means of making the student explain themselves clearly).
  • Set up situations in which the student will need to compromise ie. their favourite free time center is closed or busy. Reinforce them for choosing another activity. Try setting a timer and letting students take turns at the activity. Explain that a compromise means that both people got to play with the toy but from a shorter period of time.
  • Talk about things that are negotiable (i.e. choice of activities) and things that are non negotiable (i.e. chores, jobs).

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