Stair Climbing Lesson Ideas

  • Practice walking up and down stairs. If you don't have stairs in your home, consider going to an indoor or outdoor public place or building with stairs, for example: the mall, county court house, hotel, etc. Visit a friend or relative that has a home with stairs — ask them if you can practice.
  • Play "Follow The Leader" up and down the stairs.
  • Start by having the child face the railing, holding on with both hands. As they gain confidence they will turn to face away from the railing and let go with one hand.
  • If the child has a stronger leg it should be placed on the first step when walking up the stairs
  • Place coloured foot prints on alternating stairs to show students where their feet should land.
  • Come up with rhyme to say while going up and down the stairs.
  • Try different sets of stairs to expose students to different stair heights and depths.
  • When assisting a child who is walking down the stairs try holding onto their hips. If they lean back towards you too much try walking in front of them.