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Walking Lesson Ideas

  • Challenge students to walk: 
    • So no one can hear them
    • In deep snow
    • In leaves, shuffling their feet
    • Down a steep hill
    • Up a steep hill
    • In sand
    • In water up to their knees
    • Like they are tired after playing all day
    • On a tightrope
    • In a room with a low ceiling
    • Marching

  • Challenge students to walk like different animals.
  • Challenge students to walk while holding their ankles.
  • Walk on a balance beam or line on the floor.
  • Walk around shapes made out of skipping ropes on the floor.
  • Walk an obstacle course around and over a variety of surfaces.
  • Have students practice walking backwards by having them drag a large box backwards.
  • Play "I'm going to get you" when facing the child so they are encouraged to walk backwards.

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