Time Skills Related to the Calendar

  • Understands the concepts of before/after
  • Understands the concepts of longer/shorter
  • Understands the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Knows today’s date
  • Find a given date on a calendar
  • Understands equivalent calendar units
  • Converts calendar units
  • Writes dates in different formats
  • Names the days of the week in order.
  • Names the months of the year in order.
  • Names the seasons of the year in order.
  • Knows which months correspond to each season.
  • Computes future dates.
  • Computes past dates.
  • Computes elapsed time.
  • Figures out which years are leap years.
  • Uses a calendar to find the number of days in a given month.
  • Can tell which day of the week a given calendar date is when looking at a calendar.
  • Awareness of vocabulary related to calendars
  • Plans events in a reasonable order given a calendar of real or hypothetical events
  • Identifies the first step in completing a sequence or a task
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