Time (Calendar) Lesson Ideas

            • Reinforce the concepts of morning, afternoon and evening by discussing what students do before school, after school and before bed.
            • Make a visual schedule for your classroom.
            • Talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow. What was your favourite thing we did yesterday? What are you looking forward to tomorrow?
            • After a fieldtrip make a timeline clothesline. Draw pictures of the events and sequence them on the clothesline.
            • Cut enough paper strips to make a number chain for the days of the month. During group time each day, add a link to represent the passage of time.
  • Morning, Noon, and Night-Bulletin Board: Divide a bulletin board into three sections labeled "morning," "afternoon," and "evening." Draw a rectangle in each section. You could add a picture at the top of each rectangle. Morning could be a smiley face, afternoon could be a less smiley face, evening a sleeping face. Have the children cut clothes and objects from the magazines and place them into the proper region. For example, what would someone wear in the morning? When would a toaster most likely be used? When would a bed most likely be used?
  • Morning, Noon, and Night: Make a three page book. Label the pages: Morning, Afternoon and Night. Have children find pictures of morning, afternoon, and evening routines to cut out. Show the pictures. Have children glue the pictures onto the correct page in their books.
Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 6, 2010, 8:19 AM
Jessi Lalonde,
Aug 6, 2010, 8:20 AM