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More Toileting Skills

  • Begins to anticipate and communicate toileting needs.
  • Anticipates and verbalizes/communicates toileting needs fairly consistently.
  • Recognizes universal symbols for male /female washroom
  • Gets on toilet/potty by self, but may need help with clothing.
  • Usually attains bowel control.
  • Usually attains bladder control.
  • Knows the difference between bowel and bladder functions and communicates the difference.
  • Pulls down pants when he/she needs toileting.
  • Urinates without toileting assistance.
  • Attempts to wipe self.
  • Cares for toileting needs other than for help in wiping.
  • Flushes toilet.
  • Manages clothes adequately on own.
  • Wipes self independently.
  • Totally cares for toileting needs, including flushing toilet and washing and drying hands without being asked.
  • Has awareness of privacy/modesty 
  • Appropriately uses community washroom facilities (e.g. waiting turn, choosing appropriate urinal / bathroom stall etc.) 
  • Seeks assistance when required