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Toileting Assessment and Evaluation

Here are some Data Collection forms for tracking toileting.
Daily Toileting AM

Daily Toileting PM

iRubric: Self Care rubric

Activity schedules can double as task analyses. They save time because you have two resources (a visual for the student and an assessment tool for the teacher) for the time it takes to make one.

Bathroom Visual Picture Schedule is useful for a child with autism as a reminder checklist of the basic steps to use the bathroom at home and at school.

Here are some sample SMART Goals:
          • _________ will increase periods of remaining dry to ___________ (criteria) as measured by ____________ (evaluation tool).
          • ________ will increase ability to manage toilet facilities to __________ (criteria) as measured by ___________ (evaluation tool).
          • _______ will increase appropriate behavior in the school bathroom to __________ (criteria) as measured by _________ (evaluation tool).