Work Habits

These are the expectations related to Work Habits from the A4 document.
  • Maintains focus on a task to completion (colouring a picture, sweeping the entire floor)
  • Follow instructions (single or multi-step)
  • Seeks clarification or assistance as needed (asking the teacher for help when encountering obstacles)
    • Put your hand up
    • Ask the right people to help
    • Ask assertively
    • Give all the information about what you need
    • Clearly state the exact need
  • Works with a group (respecting others’ opinions, providing input, helping others)
    • Listening to others
    • Participating in discussions
    • Accepting responsibility for your share of the work.
    • Ability to take on different roles in the group
  • Respects authority (following directions from EAs and occasional teachers)
  • Follows rules in various settings (school, workplace, school grounds)
    • Knows the rules in a classroom
    • Knows the rules on the yard
    • Follows rules in classroom
    • Follows rules on the yard
Here are some more skills related to Work Habits.
  • Works on a simple, manageable task for short periods of time
  • Recognizes people in authority in a variety of situations
  • Speaks appropriately to people in authority 

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