Materials Management Assessment and Evaluation

This work habits rubric has some sections that relate to managing work materials.

This learning skills rubric also has a work materials section.

E-Center has a large number of task analyses including one on cleaning up after and activity.


_________ will increase ability to locate classroom materials and areas within the school environment _______ % of time as measured by ________ (evaluation tool).

________ will increase use of educational materials to _________ (grade or ability level) to complete classroom art projects as measured by __________(evaluation tool).

__________ will initiate and complete a clean up routine after cooking _______ out of ___ opportunities as measured by _________.

___________ will pick up toys and keep the room neat at _____ level/percent for ____ out of ____ opportunities
as measured by ________________.

____________ will respect property of others and school property according to classroom and/or school rules with
____________ frequency as measured by ________________.